Four Fast Facts about Edgar Allan Poe (that I bet you didn’t know)

Edgar Allan Poe’s most productive writing period was while he was married to Virginia Clemm Poe. (31 Stories written and published) Poe didn’t drink as much as he was rumoured to drink. One visitor to… More

The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe

Jane Craig Stanton A mother one of his friends who encouraged his poetry, he described her as his first “soul love.”   Elmira Royster She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman who didn’t appreciate… More

Dark Times and Edgar Allan Poe – What more can a girl ask for?

Was asked by the lovely crew from SuperNews Live to come down and have a chat about Edgar Allan Poe on their show Dark Times! You can see the whole interview here. Or here Enjoy!… More

A Poe-cation

A nerdcation, if not obvious, is a trip that some people might consider pedestrian, strange, boring. I took such a trip this winter, and I found the trip quite the opposite.  Perhaps, it’s because the… More

Poe’s (mysterious or not so mysterious?) death, October 7, 1849

Some years ago, Edgar Allan Poe’s hair was tested to determine the cause of his death. The results of all tests, including the ever popular theory of drugs and alcohol, were inconclusive. They have a… More

October means it’s Poe-aween!

Sorry – I get a little childish around this time of year. October is my favorite month (besides January – mine and Poe’s birthdays!) I LOVE HALLOWEEN & I LOVE POE This year, the 170th… More

An Intimate Portrayal of Poe

It’s been two years since I did the live interview on Dark Times. It was about the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe. Since then, I’ve written a book on Poe – Eddy – a… More

Dreamcatcher Poem

The dreamcatcher is supposed to catch bad dreams and let the good dreams through. Write down an image remembered from a dream, a word, a sound, a thought, into each space. Then put them together… More