Where the Poet Roams


2015-07-08-Street-Lamp-at-Night (2)

Dark, dirty streets live in my mind
broken brick alleyways,
the color of blood in the midnight.
Streetlamps from another era
fasten me here for a short while.
The warm stickiness of old city grime,
it’s endless, never removed.
And I wonder,
Is this how it’s done?
Where the last step of a Jazz duo lay,
where the putrid decay of the dirty city lives?
Where words are scrawled across the walls in warm blood,
Is this where you find the poem?

Or just the poet,

Eeks, one of my first published poems; it appeared in Directions magazine about twenty years ago.

The Girl I Loved in Middle School – Fiction

My short fiction story, “The Girl I loved in Middle School”, will be published by Number Eleven Magazine!

“Bruce was a six foot-two inch, two hundred and fifty pound eight grader who grew facial hair that matched the tufts sticking out of his shirt sleeves and neckline. Needless to say, he feared no one. I, however, did. She turned to him…..”

Dad Shining – PUBLISHED!

My fictional story, “Dad Shining”, was published by the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal! ( It came out with the March 29th Edition. )


” Through the blue hills and green mountains of West Virginia, there’s a cemetery with my name on it. ….”


The Friendly Isle

At night,
silence feels thick in your ears.
The clean air slips easily
into your lungs.
You become sharply aware
of the ocean
and sky
moving with you.
Sleep comes deeply.

This is a found poem. The original inspirational source has been lost. This has been previously published in DAYBREAK: A magazine of Poetry and Conversation.  The editor, Virginia, passed away, and the magazine is now defunct. She was a beautiful soul, and she is missed.