“Bowie and the Basket Case” – ID Press Due out in January 2019.

“Hope” – The Maine Review – Due out in Fall 2018

“I Awoke to the Smell of Death” & “Untitled.” Choices. August 2018.

“The Blue Poem” and “Untitled” Delphinium. Summer 2018

“BlackSheeped.” The Blacksheep P&G May 2018

“Tsunami A” – Blacksheep P&G May 2018

“Since I can’t Have You, I Halve the World.” The Ear. April 2018

“It’s Raining” & “My Dreams Took a Walk” – Titanic. Pilcrow. April/May 2018

Eddy. ReadLips Press. Due out in January 2018.

“$1.00 Stories.” REaDLips Chapbook. Nov. 2017.

“UnWalden Pond.” That’s going to Hurt. P&G. Oct 2017.

“H.” Narrative poem. Wild Women Medicine Circle. Fall 2017.

“Hunger.” Wild Woman Medicine Circle. Fall 2017.

“Grandma Fuzz.” ZZyZx. Fall 2017.

“Memorial Day Death Watch.” FishFood Magazine. August 2017.

“The Conspiracy of Memory.” Conspiracy Theories. Pilcrow and Dagger. July 2017

Namas-Cray. A book of Short Cray Stories. ReadLips Press  July 2017.

“A Perfect Day.” Delphinium. Summer issue. June 2017.

[Untitled] “Sleep Pulls me Down on Christmas Pillows. Silver Stream Journal. (Ireland). June 2017

“Daughter: I Can’t Resist Your Kiss.” Mothers Always Write. June 2017.

“After.” Vine Leaves Press. Australia. May 2107 / release date moved to Nov 2017

“The Fly.” Vine Leaves Press. Australia. May 2017/ release date moved to Nov 2017

“Grandma’s Last Secret.” Secrets. Pilcrow & Dagger. April/May 2017

“How to Throw a Psychic a Surprise Party.” The Oleander Review. April 2017

One Dollar Stories. Kindle Single Stories. ReadLips Press April 2017.

“Memorial Day Death Watch.” Finalist in Writer Advice Flash Memoir Contest. April 2017

“I’ve Never Looked So Beautiful” Mothers Always Write  March 2107

“All at Once.” Finalist in Medusa’s Laugh Nano Text Poetry Contest Feb 2017 / Published in special contest issue Feb 2017.

Dad Shining. Kindle Single Stories. ReadLips Press. Nov/Dec 2016

“One Dollars Stories.” Crime Stories. Nov/Dec 2016

Life of Clouds. Readlips Press. Nov 2016.

“Harvey Levin Can’t Die.” Podcast. Pilcrow and Dagger. Sept 2016

“Harvey Levin Can’t Die.” Pilcrow and Dagger  August/September  2016

“Of Strays and Exes.” Podcast July 2016.

“Of Strays and Exes.” New Beginnings. May/June 2016.

“$1.00 Stories.” Printers Row Journal. Published by The Chicago Tribune. April 24, 2016.

“Fairly Tale.” April Fools. April 2016.

“Dreams of Mr. Rabbit.” Love and Leprechauns: Pilcrow and Dagger. Feb/March 2016. Print.

West End. REaDLips Press; Los Angeles, 2016. Print.

“Grandma’s Tour.” Holiday Traditions: Pilcrow and Dagger’s Holiday Traditions. Dec

(This is not a complete list.)

Dad Shining published in the Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal March 29, 2015

The Girl I Loved in Middle School published by Number Eleven June 2015

The Kiss published in “Firsts” by Pilcrow and Dagger Sept 2015

All The Beautiful People

At Night (Untitled poem)

Word Problems

The Friendly Isle

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  1. Enjoyed your article about the Nerd-cation to Virginia to sort of chase down Poe and his history.


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