Monday Motivation


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Margaret Atwood says that although many people think there are no original ideas, that one makes stories new by subverting the ideas.

She is the mistress of subverting the usual.

I’ve read at least thirty different version of Red Riding Hood, same with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc. In one of the Cinderella stories, she actually runs away from home and sleeps in a tree, making her own dress, and sneaking into the castle for the ball. I love this story, she’s very much an agent of her own change – making decisions which will serve her best.

Is there a fairy tale you can rewrite?

If you’re stuck – subvert the hero/heroine.  Maybe the princess pretends to be asleep because she’s really quite lazy and likes people waiting on her. Who finds out? What do they do? You’ll have an unlikable character – so whoever finds out will need to be the hero or heroine.

Good luck – feel free to share your ideas in the 365 Facebook Group

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