Can we be real honest here for a moment?

2020 was traumatizing, yes.

Then the spring culling of faculty was horrifying.

The death of friends and family,

then continued torment by people who are unhappy and unhealthy.

The past 17 months have been horrendous.

We’ve all been in some type of survival mode. We’ve all been hurt and scared and scarred. We haven’t reached out enough or we reached out and didn’t received a response.

We’ve been told over and over, this is the new normal, this is normal, now we’re getting back to normal.

The world is an angry place. Karens rule. Mass shootings. Building collapse.

Nothing is right. Nothing is normal. And it’s okay to be upset, to feel dismayed, confused, unsettled. Nothing about the last year and a half has been comforting.

And you’re not alone.


hang in there






4 thoughts on “Can we be real honest here for a moment?

  1. Well said as always, Noreen. The world is in chaos, norms and guardrails are falling to the wayside, the monster is gone but his minions are emboldened. But we must never throw in the towel. We can never prevail if don;t first persevere.


  2. Thank you For your reassuring words and permission to feel the scary feelings we sometimes have And afraid to talk about

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