One thought on “Grandma’s Tour

  1. Hi Noreen,

    I hope this goes through. I’ve been having trouble doing comments through WordPress. What a wonderful memory of your grandma. I watched it three times, and initially I thought you said she wanted to “rock in the ground.” I must admit I prefer that to rot. Have you done a short story on this? Three generations of women together at the celebrity cemetery (my gosh, it would have been four if your mom was there as well). I read a wonderful book recently by Carly Holmes called “The Scrapbook,” which deals with the complex relations of three generations of Welsh women on a small, claustrophobic island. I’ve always envied people who have wonderful memories of unconditionally loving grandparents. I never saw any of my grandparents, except my father’s mother when I was two, too far back to remember. Near the end of my RWC I have a short piece on Jean, an 89 year old woman I used to deliver meals to. She had macular degeneration and had suffered several strokes. She may have thought I was a child as she would hug and kiss me and express profuse gratefulness for the food in her jumbled post stroke way of talking, which I understood perfectly. Once she told me she was so glad I had come home. I wish I had. She was the most loving person I’ve known. Glad this isn’t Zoom, as the tears are beginning to well. Another wonderful video, and you have a lovely voice, both gentle and profound. R


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