Humility is Success

spiritual-principle-humilityI’ve met a number of people from all different walks of life; the one trait I admire most across the board is humility.

I was at a writer’s conference signing. I happened to be waiting at the front desk when another writer walked up and took me for someone who worked there. He didn’t look at my name tag; he didn’t look at me at all. He said something to the effect, “I’m in a hurry, get my tag for me.”

I smiled and said, “let me get you someone who can help you.”

He huffed out a breath.

I found it rather humorous. He would run into me once or twice during the event and didn’t remember the front desk incident. But, moreso, I found he treated most people as if they were there to serve him.  I’d never heard of him before, and I haven’t bothered to read any of his books. Had he been the least bit human to anyone, I probably would have bought his book then and there.

We don’t have to act like asshats to get what we want. Self-importance rarely serves anyone and doesn’t  win any awards. It may get you knocked off the invite list.

Humility is not a denial of our skills or our sense of self-respect. Humility is being modest about the skills, talent, and dreams we are working to achieve. And it takes nothing away from us or from those around us.


4 thoughts on “Humility is Success

  1. I’ve had similar experiences with authors.

    Once I had someone criticize the way I reviewed their book.

    Even though the review showed their book in a great light, because I made mention of the fact that I’d become side tracked due to illness and felt the book was worthy of starting from the beginning even though I was half through he became very nasty with me and actually asked me to have the review removed.

    How stupid is that? It seems to me it spoke highly of his writing that I felt the book was good enough to warrant that attention.

    Because of his nastiness I no longer follow his blog, no longer participate in any of his contests and I wouldn’t advertise him if he were the last paying client on planet.

    Some people just get thinking way too much of themselves sometimes.

    Sorry you had this experience.


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