Author to Author

FB_IMG_1566788074474Hanging out with people who are serious about their writing feeds a writer’s soul.

Here’s me with Dan Rhys, author of The Lone Escapist. Where’s my book?! I need to start carrying a copy with me!

2 thoughts on “Author to Author

  1. 1) Dang you’re cute. 🙂

    2) I had a similar experience meeting my favorite living writer, Deborah Eisenberg. Not only did I meet her (and that’s not easy–she doesn’t promote or travel much) I also met her long-time partner, Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bridge, My Dinner With Andre) and, coincidentally, Howard Hesseman (who chose to remain anonymous) and his wife Caroline Ducrocq. (She introduced Deborah and Wally back in 1973 at NYU!). I told my wife afterwards I can die happy now.


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