Resolve, Rambling Roads, and Roses


It’s past midnight. I’m up late. I’ve spent the last however many hours writing after a particularly good day.

Why was it good? I’m not sure. I didn’t watch the news. The sun was out. My roses are blooming. I helped someone – at least I hope I did.

I read something about women and impact. [I know this seems like it’s rambling, but it’s going somewhere – don’t all rambling roads lead someplace interesting?]

Today was a mix of everything. My past, my future, my desire to make a difference, and my predilection to learn new things and gain a great understanding of myself and the world around me.

I had a hard childhood. But it made me strong in order to confront the things I’ve had to face, the things I may still encounter. I have purpose. Those two things go together – challenges construct strength which in turn creates a compelling purpose in life.

That strength has left me at a disadvantage in a single way – I don’t know how to ask for help. And sometimes I come off as someone who has it all under control in an off putting way.

People like to see others fail because we all do at one point or another and that misstep humanizes us. Weakness makes us human. So if we don’t reveal weakness, we lose credibility, authenticity.

However, where I grew up, if you showed weakness, you were bully bait.

So I have a hard time reaching out. I admire people who are strong, but can still ask for assistance. I’m still working on that balance.

It is my purpose to help others. To make an impact. The only way I’ve ever known how to do that was through writing.

So, I’m up late writing. Trying to make an impact.

Sometimes rambling roads fold over on themselves, touch and twist away, then even end where they began. It was a good day. And I am thankful for all that has passed.


4 thoughts on “Resolve, Rambling Roads, and Roses

  1. Regarding women and impact, I wonder if you were thinking of the phenomenon that the countries with the greatest success combating the corona virus crisis are run by women: Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand); Angela Merkel (Germany); Tsai Ing-Wen and her epidemiologist V.P. Chen Chien-Jen (Taiwan) and Mette Frederiksen (Denmark). Their common elements are thought to be decisiveness, respect for the experts and empathy for their people. They should be the standard for all world leaders. Let’s hear it for the girls!


    1. I do believe that’s an 80’s song, right? Let’s hear it for the girls….. It’s ringing in my head right now. I read the article to which you refer about women leaders. What I was thinking of was how to make more of an impact, but it all counts! Thanks for your response!


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