I think this is my word for 2020.

I feel I’m always authentic, being me, to the best of my abilities.

I reach for the positive in the majority of my interactions. (I admit sometimes I fall short – no one’s perfect.)


That being said, some research seems to suggests positive people ignore the negative. So, when I said to someone today, I’m into the whole positive psychology movement, she stated, “I believe in being authentic.”

I thought about the statement, and her misconception that by being positive I’m ignoring some negative or darker emotions (uhm, have you read my work?) . However, I think of it differently. It’s a way to handle the negative, it’s not about ignoring it, (which is what I explained to her).

Last year, this blog was about writing. In looking at statistics, there were a great number of readers. Good. I hope you guys got some good advice. This year, however, I want it to be more about joy and authenticity.

I think my writing is authentic, sometimes raw, sometimes dark, but always with hope.

2 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. I recall when a member of the choir I sing with quit. I asked her why and she replied, ” I can no longer engage in activities which do not give me authentic joy.” This concept caused me to evaluate many of the aspects of my life–not only the activities I engage in, but the people I hang out with. Now it seems to be an ongoing practice–being more authentic and seeking authentic joy.


    1. Very nice. At first, people don’t understand the concept of weeding/seeking out things and people who bring joy; It seems simple, but maybe that’s the problem. It’s too simple! 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


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