Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe!

To one of the first, authentically American literary voices. Inspiration, then and now, for artists, writers, creators.

Maybe I should have dedicated my book to him – posthumously – that is.

But I think it is some sort of fancy coincidence, fate, luck, whatever you want to call it – that my book, West End, has been released on this, his 207th Birthday.


West End has been “officially” released. I’m told it won’t be in bookstores – online or in person – for 3-5 days.  OH THE WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART (yes, I think Tom Petty liked Poe too!)

A Sneak Peek from _West End_

baby face


As a child, I watched a squirrel crawl along an electrical line, elegant, delicate, like some high wire act, yet gone terribly wrong when it slipped and fell before my eyes.

A motorist passed, hit it. The squirrel screeched human sounds, jumped up on back feet, front paws stretched out, stumbled left, then right.

“It’s a dead end.” Mother’s whispered words lifted with a breeze.

“It’s the West End.” My father leaned away from her.

I held my breath, rooted for the squirrel until the very end, hoped that the car missed and, somehow, the creature might’ve a chance to limp home to recover.

But the squirrel was, life was, inextricably lost.

“Same thing,” mother’s quiet voice floated off with her gaze.

I think of that eye bulging from the squirrel’s body, trying to escape its own death, watching me through the back window of an old Chevy wagon.


Copyright 2016 – Noreen Lace/West End

Set Intentions



I’m not one who believes in Resolutions.  Seems like a plan for procrastination and failure. When I want to do something – I just do it. I don’t wait until January One. But – being as we are celebrating a New Year – I do believe in setting Intentions.

Intentions are what we want to accomplish. We tell ourselves that this certain something is what we want to happen. Intentions also begin when we say them. Maybe they don’t manifest at that moment, but the intention is set, and if we come back to it and try, not only will it manifest, it will become an actuality, a realization, when we want it to. An intention is not a diet or workout regimen; an intention, or so it seems to me, is a decision to change your life. We don’t set an intention to lose ten pounds. We set an intention to eat healthier and live better. It’s a way of thinking about what we desire and bringing it into our lives.


May this New Year bring you health, happiness, love, and success.

May you live your life with passion and spread compassion wherever you go.

May all your intentions be actualized.

Poetry Reading



It is my pleasure to announce I’ve been asked to read poetry for local book group at a Private Country Club.  (I’ll neglect to say which one as it’s not open to the public).

This group of readers meet monthly at a local café, then end the year with a holiday party in which people are invited to share and entertain while the members vote on the best readings, enjoy refreshments, and engage in a white elephant book exchange.

Celebrating with friends and family is what this season is about. I’m very happy to be sharing this time with this wonderful and talented group of people.

On the list to be read are published poems:

The Kiss

Grandma’s Tour

and To be published selections:

Since I can’t love you, I love the world

Dreams of Mr. Rabbit


Enjoy your holidays, ladies and gentlemen. Be happy- Every day is a gift.